Friday, December 3, 2010

Last two days and in the examination hall.

In these last two days, the best you can do is take a chill pill, go through simple mathematical formulas, if u have done vocab then revise it and see a few LR sets (just to maintain familiarity).

Some last minute tips:

* Get a watch (yes again).

* Unless RC is your forte, solve 2 RCs and move on, u can always come back if time permits.

* Don't I repeat DON'T leave all the circles to be filled at the end. preferably solve questions in a bunch of say 20-40 and then fill OMR and so on ... nothing can be worse than solving 160 questions and marking only 120.

* Give extra precaution to marking OMR, a lot of people lose a lot of marks just because they marked the questions wrongly.

* Don't waste time in counting how many questions u did or thinking on is it enough to clear cut-off etc etc. In FMS its best if u leave theses worries for after the exam, at the time of exam concentrate on the questions on hand.

* Don't assume that u had seen this question somewhere and the answer was option c(or for that matter a) !!!

* Don't attempt questions for the heck of it(blind guesses) but if u are able to reject even one(or more) option then u can go for a blind guess...

* Don't bother too much about sectional and overall cut-offs, physics and higher mathematics, just go with a cool head and all other things will take care of themselves, FMS is comparatively an easier exam, if u keep ur head cool u can surely tame it ...

One personal suggestion.

Don't rush into the paper as soon as u get it. take 2 minutes, see the paper zero-in on how u want to a attempt the paper and then start. Last year, many a people got frustrated in the beginning itself as they saw the 5 page RC.

Ranjeet Pratap Singh

FMS,Batch of 2012.

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