Sunday, November 21, 2010

Some Tips for FMS Aspirants ...

* you might read a little about vadic mathematics etc.

* No number of words you know is enough, bole to vocab gives u an edge here (doesn't mean u can't make it to FMS if u are weak at vocab, I did )

* Realize your strengths and play on them e.g RC are either a scoring haven or a bottleneck, if you have good reading speed make sure you attempt as many questions in RC as possible, perhaps attempting the section at the beginning.

* Take approximations, particularly in DI.

* If you have lesser time at your hand, try solving LR by checking the options to see if one of them fits all the criteria mentioned in the question instead of solving the whole set.

* Always wear a watch but make sure that you don't spend too much time looking at it and getting tensed, don't waste time in counting how many you have attempted etc.

* Either don't leave marking the OMR for the last, or leave sufficient (atleast 15 minutes) for it. You can do it in this way, solve 10-40 questions and then mark them ....

* Don't mark the answer for a question on memory thinking that u had solved this question just a few days back, there is a good possibility that the question is a bit twisted and hence the answer has changed.

* Don't go into the paper with too many assumptions about the difficulty level etc. It might vary by a huge deal, just trust yourself, if the paper is difficult its difficult for everyone (e.g. FMS, 2008) if its easy don't be over-confident (like FMS 2009).

* Sectional cut-offs are 50 percentile (and not percentage) which means two things.
You can play on your strengths, that is giving more time to the section you are strong at and hence getting a higher overall score.
There is still a 50 percentile barrier to be crossed and you can't completely ignore a section.

Now go rock the paper, and hopefully join us here this summer :)