Saturday, August 14, 2010

Road to FMS: post 2

Okay so after all the gyan here comes some tangible stuff :)

How to prepare for FMS.

General Gyan: FMS is an exam where you can play on your pure strengths, so its important to recognize your strengths early on and work more on them.

QA: QA in FMS is usually a mixed bag, with some questions pretty straight forward and some others requiring some application and thought process.

Now the key to note here is that some of the QA questions are very easy to solve but they are 3-5 sentences long and hence need a lot of time to just read them, while some others are very small but need more time to solve. So you need to be good with question selection, you need to make sure that once you pick a question you are able to solve it and that in optimal time.

Recommendation for people not comfortable with Quants: Learn number system, chose any 2-3 other topics you are comfortable with and solve as many questions on them as possible. Don't solve questions which take more than 2 minutes to be solved. Try to solve as many questions as possible without using a pen, by option elimination etc. Appear in at-least 2 mock FMS exams and analyze them properly.

Recommendation for people who feel comfortable with Quants: Try speed methods (like vadic methods) may or may not work for you(I was never impressed by them) but no harm in trying, try attempting max qestions from a mock FMS or previous paper in 35 minutes or so while maintaining accuracy, if a qestion isn't solved it one go bookmark it and move ahead, later on if time permits can always come back.

People not comfortable with LR: Solve some good puzzle books like George smmers. Chose some sets which seem to be familiar and try solving them completely, a set of 3 qestions not to be given more than 6 mintes. Have a look at all the sets, some sets have one-two sitter questions which can be easily solved.

People comfortable with LR: Solve aimcat LR sets, total types of LR sets seems to be limited so many a times you will get a set on a concept u have seen. Use bookmark extensively, many sets have one-two tougher questions leave them. Solve maximum questions, not necessarily maximum sets.

People not comfortable with RC: Search for passages which are more fact based(and have fact based question) e.g. when did the XYZ event happen. Now solve RCs depending on your own strength, you might go for reading questions then reading the passage or reading the passage then reading questions or anything else.

People comfortable with RC: Try to do as many RCs as possible, this is one section which gives very good ROI if you are real good in it.

For everyone: Don't stop at a word if you don't know its meaning, don't stop at a line if doesn't seem to make sense just go and read ahead it will be clear as you read along. Going back to a word or a line wastes a lot of time and for FMS time is very precious.

People comfortable with VA: Work hard on VA, mug Vocab if u can, learn grammer rules if u can do whatever u can since this section gives max marks in minimum time.

People not so comfortable with VA (like me): decide on some areas you are good and work hard on them. If you can, mug up vocab( I couldn't). If you can't practice everything else.

Abhi ke liye itna hi.....

For any particular doubt/suggestion/requirement post a comment :)


  1. thanks buddy...will keep a tab on ur blog surely...

  2. i am able to solve questions in class..d one given in the booklet(QA,VA,LRDI)...but when it comes to the mock...i look like a lost child..i hav no clue..and often i try n bring up my morale so i end up doing questions from VA(which i think is good enough)...and some how score least in that section..

  3. and yeah...lovely blog..:)

  4. What do u recommend?
    attempting all 200 questions?

  5. good one.... i am weak at QA(working on it)... average in VA and LRDI.. in RC when answered thru' intuition i always get it wrong... any suggestions on this....

  6. Mate. VA is also my week section. Strongest being DI and LR. Please share how should I tackle VA in the exam. Please email me your views if it's OK with you