Friday, April 16, 2010

Welcome To The New Season .....

Now that I've some experience to talk from, and a little credential to show let me use this post to welcome those of you who are aspiring for the forthcoming season of MBA Entrance exams.

A year back, at almost the same time, I had some opinions about MBA, various MBA entrance exams and various MBA colleges; and now, with some experience (of my own and of some friends) I think I've gained some more insights into it. With time and experience I realize that not all I knew and thought was true(though a big chunk was).

Some of the things worth mentioning here (particularly for the first timers) will be :

1.) When you prepare for one exam (say CAT) you are infact preparing for all of them, but then to do your best in them, a little specific prep can help you big time. (More on exam specific prep in subsequent posts)

2.) Mock-Cats are a good place to check where you stand, to check new strategies, to check how you cope under pressure and to check how you take the results; but do realize that in the real exams there are a lot of factors at play including the all so famous luck (or as they say Muprhy's factor) so keep your fingers crossed untill the results are out.

3.) Don't believe too much on the various key's in the market, they do give you and idea but that's it about them; the actual key may have significant variations particularly in VA and RC.

4.) Have fun with your preps, and don't take too much stress on you....

and example in case being my friend shashank prabhu (doc mod at PG) who scored a never-before-seen score in MHCET, an exam for which he was little bothered and didn't really prepare and though he scored good in all the exams he appeared in MHCET stands tall.

5.) Play on your strengths, don't run too much after what other's are saying or doing. If you can mug-up the word-lists and formulas pretty good, but even if you can't all is not lost; you can cover it up being strong in say reading speed and/or LR -it doesn't mean that you shouldn't try to work on your weaknesses, but just that don't do it on the cost of loosing out on your strengths.

6.) Believe in yourself. One / a few bad scores in some section or some mocks (or some actual exams) don't define how good / bad you are in that particular field; try to analyze your strengths and weaknesses and work according to them; have faith on yourself and your capabilities.

7.) Last -and a cliche- but not the least ask yourself the all so important question "why MBA". Is it worth to invest 2 years and some 10-18 Lacks of money (except for some colleges like FMS / IIT D / TISS).

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Let the season begin.....

best of luck to you all ......

Ranjeet Pratap Singh
(FMS 2012 batch)


  1. thks for the good tip before '10' season begins,i
    am a huge fan and folllower of u and ur DT'09'keep the good work going

  2. good blog ! looking for it and especially ppl frm FMS..! need ur advice bro ! CAT 09 season i was selected in IMT , IMI, NMIMS,IRMA, but missed FMS cut off with a slight margin. I wanted to try again and left all the options. I stringly feel it deserves losing ( rather investing)1 yr FMS. I am goot at quant and speed. I can attempt arnd 130 to 140 quest in 2 hrs of FMS standard....
    what i learnt is i dint score much in VA section which is made up of mostly Vocabulary ! i have to build my vocab for FMS...but the kind of vocab we get in FMS is different ..iam not understanding how to start..juts mugging up wordlists really dont work..i desperately need ur suggestion...

  3. @ both: thanks, I will try to make sure that I am more regular on this blog and help the MBA aspirants in getting into their dream colleges.

    @ My inclusive gumptions: I can see that you are already pretty close to be my junior :)

    As for FMS specific prep (and also for other exams) kindly have a look on this blog from time to time, as for FMS we (students at FMS) will soon be starting a thread on PG, so people targeting at FMS in general and you in particular should subscribe to it.

    As for now, develop a habit of reading (from your own blog, I can see that you already a bit into it) ....

    best of luck.

  4. Sirjee thanks for the mention :) pg pe tips baant te rehna

  5. @ shashank: :)

    for the uninitiated, this guy is the shashank prabhu mentioned in the blog and he is the best mod at :)

  6. This guy is the topper of CAT 2011